Name change to

Why is WESC changing its name?
Over the last 10 years, our credit union has evolved from one that served just a few employer groups to one that was able to serve all who lived, worked, worshiped, or attended school in Natrona and Converse Counties.  We are and will remain the same credit union but decided that it was about time that our name reflected the change that encompassed our communities.  We wanted a name that told you and your neighbor that you can be a member here too.
When will the name change take affect?
We hope to have the transition completed by the end of the year.  Gradually you will see all communication change over to the new name.   Some areas will be sooner than others.   For example, our credit and debit card call centers already have us as Greater Wyoming FCU and if you call them, or they contact you about activity on your account, be aware that they will use the new name.

Is staff or locations going to change?
No.  You will still work with the same staff in the same locations as you have been.  And you will be able to reach them at the same phone numbers.
Here’s what will NOT change:

  • Checks can be used until they need to be re-ordered
  • routing number
  • your account numbers
  • Debit cards and Credit cards can be used until expiration
  • Automatic withdrawals
  • Direct Deposits

What is going to change?
The only changes are visual.  We have a new name and a new logo.

  • Our forms and documents will gradually start reflecting those; some already have.
  • Our Website will very shortly be going through a facelift and have a new url     www.greaterwyomingfcu.com    until that is complete you will still access us through www.wescfcu.com.  We will keep you updated on email address changes as we know more.  In the meantime, still email us at the same addresses.
  • Our outside signage will change to reflect the new name and logo.  We hope to have these in place by year end.

Will there be any changes in my accounts, loans and other products offered by Greater Wyoming FCU?
No. There will be no changes due to the name change.  Our product and service options and delivery methods will continue to evolve as the marketplace evolves.
Does this mean our rate and fee schedules will change?
No changes in rates and fees will result from the name change.  Our rates and fees change as market conditions change and they will continue to do so.

Will my deposits still be insured up to $250,000?
Yes.  We still remain insured by NCUA.  NCUA has approved our name change.  Your deposits are still protected.